Workshops for Caregivers

To support you and your family’s mental health, staff from EveryMind and AYSP are offering free online workshops for caregivers on a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Building self-esteem
  • Supporting kids through stress and uncertainty
  • Positive parenting strategies
  • Family resilience
  • Creating secure attachment through empathy
  • Teaching young children cooperation skills
  • Parenting the young explosive child
  • Strategies for children with ADHD
  • Dealing with family conflict
  • Managing challenging behavior
  • Helping kids manage anger
  • Gaming and Internet challenges
  • Parenting challenges and youth substance use
  • Parenting strategies for teens
  • Workshops just for moms, just for dads, and for solo parents

Registration Process

You can register online for any of the workshops by clicking on the links below. You will be redirected to Eventbrite to complete the registration process.

You can also call 905-451-4655 and a member of the team will be happy to assist you.

Upcoming Workshops

The following online workshops will be facilitated by child and youth mental health specialists from EveryMind or AYSP. Space is limited and reserved for caregivers.

The Value of ‘Being With’
(for parents and caregivers of children ages 0-8)

Learn how empathy for your child helps to build a solid foundation for secure attachment.

  • Mon, July 5, 10am-12pm EDT
  • Wed, July 28, 2pm-4pm EDT
  • Tue, Aug 17, 6pm-8pm EDT
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Dealing with Family Conflict
(for parents and caregivers of children/youth ages 6-17)

Explore what triggers conflicts in families and how to avoid and resolve conflicts.

  • Mon, July 5, 6pm-8pm EDT
  • Wed, July 28, 10am-12pm EDT
  • Thurs, Aug 19, 2pm-4pm EDT
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Managing Challenging Behaviour
(for parents and caregivers of children ages 6-12)

Learn how to respond effectively to a range of challenging behaviours.

  • Tues, July 6, 2pm-4pm EDT
  • Fri, July 23, 10am-12pm EDT
  • Thu, Aug 12, 6pm-8pm EDT
  • Mon, Aug 23, 6pm-8pm EDT
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Positive Parenting Strategies
(for parents and caregivers of children/youth ages 0-17)

Learn strategies that encourage cooperation and responsibility, while promoting self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • Wed, July 7, 6pm-8pm EDT
  • Mon, July 19, 2pm-4pm EDT
  • Fri, Aug 13, 10am-12pm EDT
  • Tue, Aug 24, 6pm-8pm EDT
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Supporting Kids Through Stress & Uncertainty
(for parents and caregivers of children/youth ages 4-17)

In this workshop addressing the impacts of the pandemic, learn how to talk to your child about their feelings, share age-appropriate information, be present and enjoy time together, and create routines.

  • Thu, July 8, 6pm-8pm EDT
  • Tue, Aug 3, 2pm-4pm EDT
  • Mon, Aug 30, 10am-12pm EDT
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Gaming & Internet Challenges
(for parents and caregivers of children/youth ages 5-17)

Learn about what makes gaming addictive and youth who are vulnerable to becoming addicted. Parents will have an opportunity to share experiences and discuss their concerns.

  • Thu, July 8, 6pm-7:30pm EDT
  • Tue, July 27, 6pm-7:30pm EDT
  • Thu, Aug 19, 6pm-7:30pm EDT
  • Tue, Aug 31, 6pm-7:30pm EDT
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Just for Moms
(for mothers of children/youth ages 0-17)

Moms, learn how to manage stress in order to bring balance to your life, celebrate your strengths and feel good about being you!

  • Fri, July 9, 10am-12pm EDT
  • Tue, July 27, 10am-12pm EDT
  • Wed, Aug 11, 6pm-8pm EDT
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Strategies for Children with ADHD
(for parents and caregivers of children ages 4-12)

Learn specific strategies to help manage the symptoms of ADHD and increase your child’s ability to be more successful in all areas of life.

  • Mon, July 12, 6pm-8pm EDT
  • Thu, July 29, 10am-12pm EDT
  • Tue, Aug 10, 6pm-8pm EDT
  • Tue, Aug 31, 2pm-4pm EDT
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Helping Kids Manage Anger
(for parents and caregivers of children/youth ages 6-17)

Learn how to help your child use relaxation techniques, problem-solving strategies and effective communication skills to manage their anger and frustration successfully.

  • Mon, July 12, 6pm-8pm EDT
  • Fri, Aug 6, 10am-12pm EDT
  • Tue, Aug 17, 2pm-4pm EDT
  • Mon, Aug 30, 6pm-8pm EDT
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Building Self-Esteem
(For parents and caregivers of children/youth ages 0-17)

Learn practical strategies to build your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • Tue, July 13, 6pm-8pm EDT
  • Fri, July 30, 10am-12pm EDT
  • Wed, Aug 18, 6pm-8pm EDT
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Just for Dads
(For fathers of children/youth ages 0-17)

Dads, learn how to manage the challenges of fathering and celebrate the important role you play in your children’s lives.

  • Wed, July 14, 6pm-8pm
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Teaching Young Children Cooperation Skills
(for parents and caregivers of children ages 0-8)

Learn how to be involved in your child’s play to reinforce skills that increase cooperation and reduce behavioural challenges.

  • Thu, July 15, 2pm-4pm EDT
  • Mon, Aug 16, 6pm-8pm EDT
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Parenting in the Early Teen Years
(for parents and caregivers of youth ages 12-14)

Learn strategies to cope with your teen’s struggles for independence and how to maintain a healthy relationship with them.

  • Thu, July 15, 6pm-8pm EDT
  • Fri, Aug 20, 10am-12pm EDT
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Family Resilience During Difficult Times
(for parents and caregivers of children/youth ages 0-17)

During this difficult pandemic, explore how to build/maintain resilience, gain techniques to remain emotionally healthy through self-care, and learn how to support your children.

  • Fri, July 16, 10am-12pm EDT
  • Wed, Aug 4, 6pm-8pm EDT
  • Thu, Aug 26, 2pm-4pm EDT
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Creating Connections
(for mothers and their daughters ages 11-14)

The goal of this workshop is to provides mothers and daughters with an opportunity to practice respectful communication by using reflective listening, “I” statements and affirmations. Mothers and daughters will attend together.

  • Tue, July 20, 6pm-8pm EDT
  • Mon, Aug 16, 6pm-8pm EDT
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Parenting Challenges & Youth Substance Use
(for parents and caregivers of youth ages 12-17)

Learn more about substance use and how to talk to your young person about drug and alcohol use.

  • Wed, July 21, 6pm-7:30pm EDT
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Parenting the Young Explosive Child
(for parents and caregivers of children ages 4-7)

Learn how to prevent meltdowns, set realistic behavioural expectations, and help your child problem-solve with you to manage their emotions and behaviors.

  • Thu, July 22, 6pm-8pm EDT
  • Mon, Aug 9, 2pm-4pm EDT
  • Fri, Aug 27, 10am-12pm EDT
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Solo Parenting
(for single parents of children/youth ages 0-17)

Learn parenting strategies to help balance your needs with those of your children, cope with stress and develop an effective support network for your family.

  • Mon, July 26, 6pm-8pm
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